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Mr Ali Jafar Biography

Ali Jafar, MBChB, FRCS (England) is a General Surgeon with special interest in Thyroid Gland Surgery, Colon, Rectum and Anus Surgery. He is qualified from and a Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of England (London), the world’s peak and one of the oldest surgical colleges, established in the year 1800, formerly called “The Company of Barber Surgeons”. Surgeon Ali Jafar’s TEN YEARS of solid post-graduate training in surgery and advanced training in surgical operations were in hospitals in England and Northern Ireland as a resident in twelve (12) different hospitals (full time) including the work with and under the supervision of Sir Edward George TUCKWELL, FRCS (England), General Surgeon in The Royal Masonic Hospital, London, and he served as his right hand man. Sir Edward Tuckwell was the Sergeant Surgeon to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Also, Surgeon Ali Jafar worked in the Professorial Department of Surgery of “The Queen’s University” and “The Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital”, Belfast, with and under supervision of Professor Sir Harold William RODGERS, FRCS (England), General Surgeon.

In all the twelve hospitals in England and Northern Ireland, Surgeon Ali Jafar worked with seventeen (17) British Consultant Surgeons in regular posts, a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years, initially as a resident Senior Surgical House Officer (SHO) for a few years followed by Registrar position for several years (see infra). In all these long years (10 years of continuous work without leave), Surgeon Ali Jafar mastered the Art, Experience, Skill, and Handicraft of Surgery according to the British methodology, system and practice which includes the Ethics of Surgical Practice for Surgeons. All these hospitals are recognized by The Royal College of Surgeons of England (London) for post-graduate training and advanced training in surgery. All the certificates of these posts, grades and positions are authenticated by the General Medical Council (GMC) of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, London, which was established in the mid-19th century (1858) as well as letters of appointments, certificates and recommendations from all seventeen British Consultant Surgeons.

Upon his return to the Middle East, Surgeon Ali Jafar was appointed as a Consultant Surgeon in General Surgery to The Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates for several years covering the Central Hospital Abu Dhabi, Mafraq Hospital Abu Dhabi and Jazeira Hospital Abu Dhabi. All the posts in these hospitals are certified and authenticated by the government of The United Arab Emirates.

Prior to his travel to London for higher qualification and advanced training in surgery, Surgeon Ali Jafar worked as a House Surgeon (HS) and Senior Surgical House Officer (SHO) in surgery for two years in the Republican Teaching Hospital (formerly The Royal Teaching Hospital) in Baghdad, Iraq with the following Professors and Consultant Surgeons: Abdul Latif AL BADRI, FRCS (England), Khalid AL QASSAB, FRCS (England), Abdul Kareem AL KHATEEB FRCS (Edinburgh) (one year in General Surgery), Talal Naji SHAWKAT, MD MS (USA), Meki AL WAIDH MD MS (USA), Jabir MOHSIN MD MS (USA) (six months in Urological Surgery), Ghanim AKRAWI MCh (Liverpool) FRCS(England) and Hadi Al SABBAK MCh (Liverpool) (six months in Orthopaedic Surgery).  All these posts and positions are certified and authenticated by the Iraqi Government.

P.S. Registrar post in the British Medical System was the highest resident position in the profession for expatriates in those days i.e. pre 1985.